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Business Insurance

Insurance Coverage for Hazardous Work

Whether you're in transportation, arbor services, construction/contracting, home health care, mining, sanitation or any other high-risk industry, the rewards can be great, but so can the risks. Ansay’s team is here to help you strike a fruitful balance so your business and employees can thrive. In fields where the work comes with an elevated risk of injury, property damage - or both - finding good coverage for worker compensation or liability claims can be a real challenge. 

Typical Types of High Risk Business Insurance

High-risk business insurance typically falls under one of three categories:

Commercial Insurance

High Risk Business Insurance

Businesses may need high-risk commercial insurance for many reasons, including:

  • Its operation is in a high-risk industry
  • The business has a history of high liability
  • The operation is a high financial risk
  • The business is in a high-risk locations

Auto Insurance

High Risk Commercial Auto Coverage

Companies in need of high risk auto/truck insurance may include:

  • Those with a history of citations, claims and collisions
  • New businesses acquiring a first company vehicle
  • Operation of high-risk vehicles
  • Transportation services

Property Coverage

High-Risk Commercial Property Insurance

Companies may need high-risk property coverage for a number of reasons, including:

  • Location in a high-risk area, like a flood plain
  • High-risk tenants
  • Ownership of a vacant property
  • Renting business spaces or home/student rentals

Am I high-risk?

What is a High-Risk Business?

Any business which operates in a field where there’s increased risk of damage or injuries to either workers or the public might be considered high risk. Insurance agencies will decide whether the specific coverage-seeking business is high-risk or not, but there are a few common characteristics under which high-risk businesses operate.

Factors Contributing to Higher Risk

  • Line of Business: certain businesses and work types naturally come with more risk of injury or property damage
  • Past Claims: companies or industries with a history of higher-than-average number of claims or a tendency toward pricier claims
  • Company History: new businesses with an unproven model or in a low-regulation industry, or simply an elevated number of past claims
  • Industry Type: some industries carry inherent risks for a company’s employees
  • Business Location: proximity to flood plains, dry timber or even higher crime areas may increase risk

Our expert team of brokers will research and provide comprehensive coverage options for your business, from worker's compensation to liability or even umbrella policies, ensuring that you can focus on running your business while we reduce worries that an accident can bring it all crashing down.

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What's the Damage?

Premiums in High-Risk Commercial Insurance

Compared to standard business coverage, high-risk insurance policies mean higher premiums. Whenever there’s a greater likelihood of insurance payout, the premiums rise in relation to those risks. But by adhering to best practices and instituting certain policies you can lower your premium along with the risk, which is a win for everyone.

Methods of Lowering Premiums for High-Risk Insurance

The insurance experts at Ansay understand the challenges of getting insurance as a high-risk business. We also understand that your bottom line matters. Our team will recommend ways to lower your high-risk commercial insurance premiums that are workable and can save serious cash if done correctly. 

While all business circumstances are different, there are several strategies that most businesses can employ to reduce their risk profile, which can mean lowered premiums:

  • Maintaining safety protocols
  • Implementing employee training programs 
  • Incorporating risk management assessments
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Get Help and Get Covered - Even with Elevated Risk

We believe that every business deserves to feel secure, no matter the risks they face. This is why we offer high-risk business insurance along with assessments and advice to lower your risk, lower your premiums and of course to provide the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Let Ansay & Associates be your trusted partner in high-risk insurance. 

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