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Home and Auto Insurance

Get the best rates on policies, done the Ansay Way. That means to your specifications and needs.

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Renters' Insurance

Renters' insurance will protect you from financial losses caused by everything from theft to fire to water damage at the residence you are renting. Click to learn more from the experts at Ansay & Associates.

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Condo Insurance

If you own a vacation condo or full-time, live-in condo you will want to protect the unit with a condo insurance policy. Click to speak with an agent who can help you understand what should be covered.

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Roofing/Siding Match Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers the cost of damages, but replacement materials may not match existing parts. Roof/Siding matching insurance gives policyholders a chance to replace them without losing curb appeal or paying out-of-pocket. 

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Home & Auto Insurance

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Life Insurance & Long-Term Care

As an independent agency, Ansay & Associates can provide all of your insurance needs. From Permanent to Term Life Insurance, and even Long-term Care Coverage we are here to advise you on the best option for you and your family.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t the most popular topic to consider. However, if someone depends on you financially and you want to protect them, then it’s a necessity. Simply stated, life insurance ensures your family’s financial security and peace of mind.

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Term Life Insurance

This type of insurance makes sense for those who want to be covered for a critical period, such as while your children are in college or until the mortgage is paid off. Read more to see if Term Life insurance is the right fit for you!

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Life gets more expensive as you age. Don’t pay out of pocket for rising costs of long term care after you retire. Adding a long-term care insurance plan will help you afford unforeseen medical assistance needs while protecting your nest egg.

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Specialty Coverage

Ansay & Associates understands that your home and vehicle aren't the only things that are important to you. Everything that you own should be provided with the same protection.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance from Ansay & Associates is the best way to protect you and your bike in the event of an accident or someone else’s careless mistake. Learn how our agents can help you choose the right coverage.

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Boat Insurance

Among the largest and fastest growing insurance agencies serving Wisconsin, Ansay and Associates is your partner in protection of your assets beyond home and auto. Protect your boat or watercraft with specialty coverage from Ansay and Associates. 

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RV Insurance

An RV is a unique vehicle, it requires a unique form of coverage to protect you and others from a different set of liabilities. Ansay & Associates has experts ready to help you select the right RV insurance coverage.

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Other Insurance

Specialty insurance coverage can protect a variety of unique items, from your identity to a rental property. Click to learn how working with Ansay & Associates can make sure you are always protected.

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Umbrella Coverage

In the event of a large claim, umbrella coverage policies go above and beyond to keep you financially safe from the costs associated with high-value damages and even legal fees.

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Policy & Services Management

Ansay Express

We strive to exceed your expectations, which is why we are pleased to introduce you to Ansay Express. This portal will provide you and your family service options to ensure top of the line protection. Anytime. Anywhere.


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  • View Policy Information
  • Request Policy Changes, Such As:

    • Add / Change / Remove Vehicle
    • Add / Change / Remove Driver
    • Add / Change / Remove Property Location

We hope this is an efficient way for you to access your Personal Insurance needs 24 / 7. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Personal Lines Advisor for assistance.

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Personal Risk Analysis

Having the right coverage makes all the difference in the world. Our knowledgeable insurance advisors provide Personal Risk Assessments™ to get to ensure you get exactly what you need, right out of the gate. 

Personal Risk Analysis


Term vs Whole Life Insurance

Term life insurance and whole life insurance have similar functions, but very different features:

  • Cash Value– term life insurance does not accrue any cash value. 
  • Premiums – whole life premiums are going to be higher than term precisely because these policies accrue cash value through guaranteed dividends or non-guaranteed investments. 
  • Policy Length – term life insurance is available for a set term limit, and whole life is meant to last until the insured’s death.

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