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Life insurance isn’t the most popular topic to consider. However, if someone depends on you financially and you want to protect them, then it’s a necessity. Simply stated, life insurance ensures your family’s financial security and peace of mind. It provides cash that can be used to pay for expenses after your death.

What Life Insurance Covers

Life Insurance covers most common living expenses, including future, ongoing and immediate expenses such as:  

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Health care
  • Funeral & burial costs
  • Mortgage or rent
  • Car loans
  • Credit card debt
  • Taxes
  • Estate settlement costs
  • College costs
  • Retirement funds
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Who Needs Life Insurance

Do you need life insurance? The answer is most likely, “Yes.” The following need to seriously consider investing in life insurance:

Married/Partnered w/ or w/o kids: Many partners run into financial difficulty without the other earner’s income. Additionally, childcare costs may prove difficult without the other partner’s paychecks.

Single parents: As the sole income, you’ll need to support your child financially when you’re gone.

Stay-at-home parents: Meals, transportation, college costs, and more will need to be accounted for.

Empty nesters: Maintaining your partner’s current lifestyle may prove difficult without life insurance.

Retirees: Depending on your holdings, heirs may be hit with an estate-tax of up to 45%.

Business owners: If you, a fellow owner, or a key employee pass away, life insurance can protect the business.

Determine Your Beneficiaries

The beneficiary is the person you name in your policy to receive funds in the event of your passing. In addition to a person, a beneficiary may also be a business, charity, or trust. It’s vital to think through who, or what, you want your proceeds to go towards.

5 Tips To Know When Buying Life Insurance

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