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General Liability

Accidents happen and if they happen on your property or as the result of work that you have done, you could be liable for damages. Learn more about general liability insurance options.

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Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation can help cover medical costs and even provide employee wages for time missed from work and is an important thing to have as a business owner. Learn more about workers’ compensation insurance coverage options.

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Property Insurance

The physical space and equipment you use to run your business can be protected from damage or loss with commercial property insurance from Ansay & Associates. Click to learn more about your coverage options.

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Cyber Liability

Cyber liability insurance can protect your small business from the financial liabilities of cyberthreats like phishing schemes and ransomware. Learn more about cyber liability insurance.

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Business Auto

If a company vehicle is involved in an accident, your business will only be protected with the right commercial auto insurance coverage. Learn more about business auto insurance.

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Trucking Insurance

Mitigating risks inherent to shipping goods on public roadways is essential to trucking companies that keep the economy running. Get all the info you need about trucking insurance from the pros at Ansay.

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Contractors Insurance

Contractors of all types face unique risks every day. From workplace accidents to property damage and lawsuits, threats exist that could have a significant impact on a contracting business—discover what it takes to protect yours.

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High-risk Business Insurance

Companies operating within certain high-risk industries or have assets that contribute to their risk may require additional insurance that offers more liability coverage than standard business insurance. Ansay is helps these businesses get coverage.

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A one-of-a-kind insurance tool, Ansay NichePro is extremely beneficial for clientele in need of unique insurance products and service needs.

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Ansay RiskPro

Managing your company’s risk isn’t just an arduous task, it’s one that can easily eat up all of your time. Ansay RiskPro was specifically created to serve as a web-based software tool for those within the commercial insurance industry.

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Ansay MedPro

When a work related injury occurs, clients of Ansay & Associates can rely on the assistance of Ansay MedPro, a telephonic nurse triage service unique to the industry.

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Policy & services Management

Ansay Express

We strive to exceed your expectations, which is why we are pleased to introduce you to Ansay Express. This portal will provide you and your employees service options to ensure top of the line protection. Anytime. Anywhere.


  • Issue Certificates of Insurance
  • Retrieve or Reprint Auto ID Cards
  • Electronic Document Availability - Electronic Insurance Policy
  • View Policy Information

We hope this is an efficient way for you to access your Commercial Insurance needs 24/7. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Commercial Lines Advisor for assistance.

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Are you adequately covered?

Ansay & Associates works to understand your business and provide unique solutions to everyday challenges. Ansay & Associates’ Dedicated Service Unit provides solutions tailored to meet the challenges facing your business to make sure you have all the coverage you need.

We are experts at providing:

  • Competitive programs for all types of businesses
  • Access to leading national & regional insurers
  • Same-day certificates & policy changes
  • Dedicated claims handling, reviews, and reporting
  • Full risk and insurance exposure reviews
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Human Resources Consulting Services

We also offer HR Consulting Services in case you don't have your own team. We understand that human resources is a complex and ever-changing field. That's why we will help you navigate the complexities of HR. We'll work with you to develop and implement HR policies and procedures that are tailored to your business and up-to-date.

HR Consulting Services

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