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Types of Workplace Violence Insurance Coverage

Although the dominant headlines draw attention to active shooter situations, the need for workplace violence insurance covers a far broader set of incidents. But first, it might be good to review OSHA’s four types of workplace violence, to give you an idea of what you will want workplace violence insurance to protect you and your employees from:

Criminal Intent

You and your employees may be at risk to violence from criminals – this may include crimes such as attempted robbery or sexual assault.


Disgruntled, angry, and troubled customers can also be the source of violence.

Coworker Violence

Occasionally conflicts between co-workers arise, or a disgruntled employee takes their frustration out on coworkers and the company.

Outside Personal Relationships

Domestic disputes and other outside relationships can horrifically find their way into the workplace, putting you and your employees at risk.

Additional Coverage Options

There are a variety of workplace violence insurance coverage options out there, ranging from protection from the aftermath of an active shooter or other act of violence, or an ongoing potential threat. With up to 10 different coverages and off-premise extensions available, Ansay & Associates helps cover businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Workplace Violence Policy Details

Workplace violence can include multiple incidents. Most insurance policies for workplace violence will cover similar liabilities, some of the primary situations covered are listed below:

Active Shooter

This coverage can cover a variety of costs associated with an active shooter event. This might include funeral and medical costs and business loss expenses as employees recover mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Temporary Security

This coverage protects your business from threatened violence and the cost incurred to bring on or add to your current security.

Mental Health

Workplace violence causes more than physical harm, employees who experience an assault or violent attack may require mental healthcare to fully recover, and workplace violence insurance can cover costs affiliated with this.

PR and Media Relations

An assault, active shooter, or other violent attack that takes place at your business can attract media attention. Workplace violence insurance can help cover the cost of hiring a PR or Media Relations team to navigate this challenge.

Liability & Direct Expenses

Most workplace violence policies will also cover damages (physical and legal) that you may incur because of workplace violence. Remember, working with your HR department to develop a strong workplace violence policy can help reduce potential liability as well.

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Workplace Violence Insurance Restrictions

Workplace violence policies cover multiple unforeseen liabilities in the event of an act of violence at your place of business or an off-site location where your employees are doing work, but it is important to distinguish some damages that would not be covered by this type of policy:

Acts of “Violence” Committed Against Property

Workplace violence is a person-to-person protection. Commercial property insurance would protect your company’s real property.

Animal Attacks

Maybe an employee is doing a house call and the customer’s dog attacks, leading to serious medical bills. Workplace violence insurance would not pay on this, but workman’s comp would.

Verbal Assault

Although language can be deemed violent, verbal assault is typically not covered under workplace violence insurance.

Accidental Harm

Sometimes an employee makes a mistake that leads to another’s harm and/or injury. This is another instance where workman’s comp insurance policies would play a role, but not workplace violence insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Workplace Violence Insurance Questions

What does Workplace Violence Insurance cover?

Workplace violence insurance typically covers the liabilities stemming from an act of violence or the real threat of violence against your employees/business. This may include medical and mental health expenses, funeral costs, loss of business, and a variety of other damages and liabilities.

What is Workplace Violence Insurance?

Workplace violence insurance is a policy that protects a company’s liability in the event of an act of violence (a criminal act, active shooter, personal dispute with a client or outside relationship, etc.) taking place on company property, a job site, or a work-related function.

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