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What is Roofing & Siding Matching Insurance?

Siding and roof matching insurance extends coverage of a standard homeowners policy beyond replacement and repair to ensure siding and shingles used will match, including a full system replacement in the event uniform undamaged replacement components can’t be found. When wind, snow, ice or debris damage sections of roofing and siding materials - but not enough to require complete replacement - the new materials must match (as closely as possible) the existing, undamaged shingles or siding.

Consider matching coverage an assurance of aesthetic uniformity in the event of partial replacement of shingles, soffits fascia or siding. Without it, insurance companies are not obligated to ensure matching material color, type, size, or condition outside of what’s reasonably available.

How does it work?

A standard homeowners insurance policy will typically cover the cost of replacing the damaged portions of your home’s exterior. With matching insurance in place, the insurer will reimburse replacement (up to a predetermined dollar amount) of undamaged materials so that the materials match. The policyholder will pay a monthly premium to cover part of the disbursement.

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Why Do You Need Siding and Roof Matching Insurance?

While most homeowners’ insurance policies cover repair and replacement of damaged materials, it’s important to note they’re only required to replace damaged portions. Also, the obligation to make sure the house looks aesthetically uniform is not a requirement for insurance companies. Finally, insurers are not required to replace entire systems if suitable matching materials cannot be found…and “suitable” is a very subjective term. That means a homeowner will be faced with two unpleasant choices:

  • Live with mismatched materials, lowering  home value and curb appeal
  • Pay out-of-pocket for replacement of the entire roofing or siding system to maintain visual uniformity

A siding and roof matching endorsement gives homeowners the option to replace mismatched, but undamaged siding or roofing when replacement of damaged materials create an aesthetic mismatch. So, if a damaged portion of the roof or siding needs replacement but no matching material can be found, this endorsement can cover the cost of most, if not a full replacement.

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What's your risk?

Risk Factors for Replacement Material Mismatch

Even with warranty coverage from manufacturers or contractors covering damage from wind or hail, there’s virtually no scenario where homeowners are immune to material replacement mismatching. There are some factors that increase the likelihood of these scenarios, including:

  • Age of your home - while they certainly “don’t make them like they used to”, even quality materials have a lifespan (particularly in WI). When the wind whips up, so do your chances of damage if your home is older and you aren’t actively on top of maintenance.
  • Age of materials - besides increased likelihood of damage, the ability to find an exact match dwindles as styles and technologies evolve. Suppliers will only have so much inventory on hand, so finding that perfect faux cedar siding in glacier blue can be next to impossible.
  • Style of materials - as trends come and go, so does supplier inventory. More unique materials or dated styles may experience slower inventory turnover, followed shortly by their disappearance from markets completely.
  • Material weathering - some materials are more susceptible than others, but most go through fading and pitting, or other mechanical weathering to some degree or another. This can make an aesthetic match a challenge in many cases, and an impossibility in some.

Thankfully, siding and roof matching insurance offered by Ansay’s partner carriers provides the additional coverage that keeps your home looking its best after damages occur.

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Ansay’s team of insurance experts, along with our partner carriers, understand that your home is an investment in more ways than one. The nagging feeling of seeing your mismatched roofing or siding each time you pull into your driveway affects more than your sense of style - it can lower a home’s value and its curb appeal. We connect our clients with customized siding and roof matching insurance policies tailored to their situations, offering real advice on coverage amounts and expected risk.

Our network of top-rated insurance providers allows us to get you the coverage you need at the most competitive price, helping you maintain the commitment to your home that it deserves.

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