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Childproof Your Home

Our homes have many dangers that may not seem obvious to adults, but to babies and toddlers, these hidden dangers can pose a serious risk.

Chimney Safety

A dirty chimney due to creosote buildup may be the last thing you're thinking about when warming up next to your fire.

Winter Storage and Your Coverage

Winter is nearly here and you have taken your summer vehicles off the road, there are a few things you should be aware of regarding your auto insurance.

Summer Vehicle Tip Sheet

We’ve put together a quick piece on how you can stay safe while you enjoy the summer with vehicles you can add to your personal insurance portfolio.

What is umbrella coverage?

A Personal Umbrella policy is a policy that extends/increases the liability coverage provided by your auto, homeowners (or renters), motorcycle, recreational vehicle, and boat-owners insurance policies.

Do I need Boat Insurance?

While boat insurance is not required in every state, it is a good idea to have coverage in case of an accident or other covered incident.

What does Boat Insurance cover?

Boat insurance policies vary, but most will cover damages to your boat, personal belongings on board, and medical expenses if someone is injured while on your boat. It can also protect you for damages you may cause to others should you be in an accident.

How much does Boat Insurance cost?

The cost of boat insurance depends on a number of factors, including the type of boat you have, where you keep it, and how often you use it.

How can I get the best rate on Boat Insurance?

There are a few things you can do to get the best rate on boat insurance, including shopping around and comparing quotes from different insurers, having a good credit rating, and being a safe boat owner.

What should I do if I have an accident?

If you have an accident, the first thing you should do is contact your insurance company to report the incident. You will then need to provide documentation, such as a police report or accident report, to your insurer.

How much is RV Insurance?

Typically RV insurance costs between $1,000 and $2,000, but there are a variety of factors that can affect your price. Consulting with a professional advisor is the only way to get an exact quote.

Does RV Insurance cover water damage?

That depends. Full coverage RV insurance covers water damage if the water damage is the result of a qualifying incident, but other coverages will not cover the damage.

What does RV Insurance cover?

RV insurance is like a combination of auto and liability insurance – things like collisions, uninsured motorist, and property damage are usually included in RV insurance.

Do RV trailers require insurance?

This will depend on the type of coverage you have. Travel trailers are not motorized and may require additional coverage under your RV insurance.

What is Specialty Insurance?

Specialty insurances provide insurance coverage for unique items or regular items from unique events (earthquakes, floods, or terrorist attacks). This could be abstract, like your identity, or real like a hobby farm.

What qualifies as Specialty Insurance?

A specialty insurance plan falls outside of standard insurance policies such as home, auto, life, or health insurance. This coverage protects unique items, as well as protects people, property, and assets from rare occurrences.

How much is Motorcycle Insurance?

The cost of motorcycle insurance varies significantly and can range from $25 - $200 per month depending on the state you live in, additional coverage options, and your insurability.

Do you need Motorcycle Insurance?

Yes. Even if your state does not require motorcycle insurance, the cost of not being insured and getting in a single accident can be a heavy toll.

What is Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is a low-cost way to have the protection of a death benefit in the event of an untimely death. These policies have larger death benefits, no cash accrual, and expire at the end of their term or upon death of the insured – whichever comes first.

How does Term Life Insurance work?

A term life insurance policy leverages a premium payment, turning it into a death benefit for a set amount of time (10 – 30 years).

What is the difference between Term and Whole Life Insurance?

Term life insurance provides a death benefit if the insured dies within the set term vs. whole life insurance, which accrues cash value during the life of the policy and (as long as premium payments or cash value are maintained) is in place until the death of the insured – no matter when that might be.

How much Term Life Insurance do I need?

The amount of coverage you need from term life insurance depends on a variety of factors. You will want to start by considering the income you may need to replace for your dependents and debt obligations that would remain in the event of your death.

Is Term Life Insurance worth it?

Term life insurance is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your family from the financial challenges of a premature death.

What is Permanent Life Insurance?

Permanent life insurance leverages a premium payment to provide a death benefit payable to beneficiaries tax free and without having to go through probate no matter how long you live to. These vehicles also accrue cash value that can be accessed during your lifetime.

How does Permanent Life Insurance work?

Permanent life insurance works by leveraging your premium payments to a death benefit amount that would be larger than if you simply saved. This death benefit is then paid out, after a death certificate is presented to the insurance company, without going through probate and tax free.

Is Permanent Life Insurance worth it?

This depends on what you need your life insurance to do. Suitability for permanent life insurance can be determined with the help of an agent from Ansay & Associates.

How much is Permanent Life Insurance?

Permanent life insurance rates depend on a variety of factors: the strength of the insurance company, your overall health, and your age will play a factor in determining cost.

Is Permanent Life Insurance a good investment?

Again, life insurance can be an important piece in your financial picture, but what role that plays will largely depend on suitability to your financial goals and risk tolerance. Trusting the right advisor to lend a helping hand will ensure you get a unique permanent life insurance plan at a competitive rate.

How much is Condo Insurance?

Rates vary from state to state, but the national average is about $625 per year for a top-end condo insurance policy.

How much Condo Insurance do I need?

Condo insurance coverage needs will depend on your unique situation. Many condo insurance policies offer $300,000 in liability with $1,000 deductible and vary on personal property coverage depending on what you want to protect.

Is a townhouse a condo for insurance?

Typically, townhouses require homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, but there may be situations where your townhouse is part of a co-op and might qualify for condo insurance.

Do you need Homeowners Insurance for a condo?

No, homeowners insurance is not required. Condos entail a unique form of insurance because the condo association does provide some protection. When more comprehensive coverage is needed, you will want to explore condo insurance.

What does Condo Insurance cover?

Condo insurance coverage typically includes protection from damages caused by fire, smoke, vandalism, most weather damage, and frozen pipes. Condo insurance also covers loss due to theft and liability in the event that someone is injured in your condo.

How much is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance cost can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the neighborhood you are renting in, your home or apartment’s security, and if you have had any previous incidents. Speak with an Ansay & Associates specialist to find the policy that meets your needs at the right price.

What does Renters Insurance cover?

Renters insurance covers a variety of problems, such as theft/burglary, damage caused by many natural disasters (individual policies will vary on what qualifies) and damage as the result of structural failures. This might include replacing a specific object that was damaged or stolen, or might include hotel fees while your apartment is under repairs from an electrical fire.

Does Renters Insurance cover theft?

Renters insurance will often cover theft. Always check your specific policy as certain items may require personal property protection coverage.

How much Renters Insurance do I need?

How much renters insurance you need will depend on several factors, the first is what you need to protect and the second is often how much are you willing/able to pay.

Does Renters Insurance cover water damage?

This depends, water damage caused by a burst pipe should be covered in most renters insurance policies, but floods require their own separate policy or bundle package to ensure adequate protection.

What is an Umbrella Policy?

Do you think that it is possible to get sued for a million dollars? The answer is "Yes"! At Ansay & Associates, we want to make sure that you are knowledgeable about your Individual Insurance policy and that you are correctly covered. Watch this video to see if you need an Umbrella Policy.