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Summer Vehicle Tip Sheet

When summer hits, everyone is looking to get outside. Whether it is on the water, road, or trails, many of us have summer vehicles to enhance the enjoyment of the great new weather. We’ve put together a quick piece on how you can stay safe while you enjoy the summer with vehicles you can add to your personal insurance portfolio.


To help reduce your risk of injury and prevent damage to your watercraft, make sure you follow these safety tips: Remember that it is the law for all children under the age of 13 to wear a proper life jacket while on a moving boat. Be sure not to drink and boat! The leading contributor to fatal boating accidents is alcohol, so plan ahead and choose a designated driver. If you’re using a trailer to transport your watercraft, make sure that all components are in working order before you load the watercraft and begin to drive.


The start of the riding season can be pretty exciting; one might say too exciting. Make sure you test the tires, battery, brakes, and lights of your vehicle before you get out onto the road/trail. Once you’re out and riding, be sure to watch out for other drivers as you are likely the one in the most danger. People in cars, trucks, or other larger vehicles may not be able to see you. Wearing brighter colors and driving with caution will ensure your safety. Remember that for ATV’s you should always have adult supervision when children under the age of 16 are riding.


Like all vehicles, RV’s should be given a thorough maintenance check before being taken out. All mechanical features and camping goods should be looked at and kept up to date to make sure the trip is enjoyable and safe. Be ready for the unexpected just in case something breaks down or you run into bad weather. Also, re‐familiarize yourself with the RV as it is a drastic change in size compared to your car.

Most of all, enjoy summer!

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