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Is It Covered?

What Needs to Be Insured in Schools

At Ansay, our team of advisors are well-versed on coverage and preventative measures needed to protect essential elements of schools and school districts, including:

  • Students and student athletes
  • Teachers and instructors
  • Administrative personnel 
  • Buildings
  • Vehicles 
  • Educational tech & equipment (laptops & other technology)
  • School group travel
  • & More 

Types of Insurance for School Districts

While the specific need may differ by type of school and their school district, there are a few types of liability insurance needed for Wisconsin schools by law per the Wisconsin Legislature and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, including:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Covers the entity’s premises and operations in case of a range of risks including bodily injury, contract liability and property damage, among other risks. GLI is required for WI schools per PI 35.13(7)(b)

Workers Compensation Insurance

Provides income protection and limited medical care for school district employees in the event of sickness or injury that prevents them from full employment. It is required for WI schools per PI 35.13(7)(a)

Auto Liability Insurance

It’s required for all drivers in WI, and covers injuries or property damage caused in an accident where a school district employee is at fault. It is required for WI schools per PI 35.13(7)(d)

Umbrella Excess Insurance

Works as supplemental coverage to standard commercial liability insurance, used in case of large and unexpected events that would exceed the limits of standard coverage. It is required for WI schools per PI 35.13(7)(c)

Errors & Omissions Insurance

A sort of professional liability insurance that can protect school employees against negligence or inadequate performance claims by the parents of pupils. It is required for WI schools per PI 35.13(7)(e)

Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance

Covers legal fees in the event of alleged or real claims of sexual abuse or misconduct from students or employees of a school district, and any court-awarded compensation or reputational damage. It is required for WI schools per PI 35.13(7)(f)

Fidelity Bonds

Protects school districts against losses resulting from a school employee’s negligence or wrongful acts, third party fidelity bonds similarly cover a school’s contract employees. As a part of risk management, it is required for WI schools per PI 35.13(11)

Other Insurance Types

Additional Insurance Coverage Options for School Districts

Besides the minimum coverage required by law, school districts may opt for other insurance programs or packages with offerings that supplement the basics. Depending on the school district's makeup and characteristics, insurance brokers like Ansay & Associates will develop bespoke coverage packages that include specialized coverage enhancement if there’s a particular need based on risk assessments.

Supplemental Property & Casualty Protections Options

There are many different options and specialized coverage packages school districts may benefit from, including: 

  • Equipment Breakdown - coverage for electronic learning aids like laptops, tablets, and more
  • Builder’s Risk - coverage on school expansion and construction projects
  • Voluntary Student Accident Coverage - for injuries occurring school-sponsored activities and events, supplements general liability coverage
  • Blanket Accident Coverage - coverage for all students against accidents which may also include athletes, usually in excess of parental health plans
  • Football Accident Coverage - high school football players are covered while participating in tackle football practice or games
  • Criminal Activity Coverage - provides coverage for property damage or injury resulting from a crime
  • Cyber Liability - data/privacy breaches are covered by these plans in the event of 3rd-party lawsuits
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage - covers administrators and supervisors facing lawsuits over wrongful termination, discrimination, wage violations or other employment practices violations
  • Workplace Violence Insurance - covers medical expenses, victim salaries, PR expenses and more
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More with Ansay

Additional Services for School Districts

Simply getting insured is an important step for any school district. Any administrator or superintendent knows, however, that’s only part of their responsibility to employees, students, municipalities and taxpayers. Getting the right type of coverage in the right amount could make all the difference for entities like schools that perennially operate on tight budgets. For schools, knowledge is key in more ways than one.

In our partnerships with school districts we offer a variety of services and products to ease the burden of administering to education, including:

HR Consultation

From staff benefit plans & worker compensation compliance to hiring & policy handbooks, HR consultation is an essential tool for school districts.

Learn more about HR Consultation at Ansay

Risk Assessment and Management

Ansay's risk assessment experts help school districts identify liabilities before they become a real issue to keep them from unneeded distractions from educating.

Get info on risk assessment

Ansay NichePro

Our digital insurance tool used to identify a school districts specific requirements and connect them with their ideal partners at Ansay to build the best plan possible.

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Ansay RiskPro

A web-based tool built to help companies & organizations manage risks & improve employee safety that is easy to access and cost-effective.

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Ansay MedPro

A 24/7 support service for injured employees and supervisors that assesses school-related injuries and recommends specific actions.

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