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Adoption of Physical Security Measures

One way to reduce violence in schools is to install surveillance cameras, metal detectors, and security systems in schools. Cameras can be installed in classrooms, hallways, and by all doors to ensure staff has the ability to monitor visitors, students, and potentially dangerous situations from a safe vantage point. 

Security systems can control building access, restricting how people may enter the school. Doors can also be wired with alarms that alert local law enforcement if one is opened outside of prescribed hours. Metal detectors work to prevent weapons being brought into school, and act as a deterrent.  

Creation & Implementation of Policies that Curb Violence

Deterrence is one of the most effective ways to curb violence in schools and workplaces. Implementing zero-tolerance policies to perpetrators of violence are likely to deter students from behaving violently. If a single instance results in a significant punishment, studies have shown students are less likely to be violent, bully others, or bring weapons to school. 

Another way is to create a culture of inclusivity in a safe environment. A code of conduct clearly outlining behavioral expectations that stress values like respect are important. 

Comprehensive Training Program for School Teachers & Support Staff

Education and training programs are an invaluable resource for teachers and support staff. According to a recent study, almost 50 percent of school homicide perpetrators exhibited at least one warning signing before turning violent. Teachers who are aware of these warning signs can prompt an intervention before violent situations occur. 

Training programs can also educate teachers and staff on how to communicate with potential perpetrators and how to defuse violent acts. Programs will ensure school personnel has the correct tools to handle those situations and emergencies. 

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