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School bullying

By the latest estimates provided by the Department of Education, more than 25% of students say they have been bullied at school. Bullying has become a serious exposure for schools. Parents may say that the bullying of their child resulted in the child not graduating, suffering emotional harm, or suffering physical harm. The good news for schools is that many insurers are offering programs or giving grants to address bullying.Taking a pro-active approach to bullying can help lower prices for school coverage.

Enhanced law enforcement presence

A sad reality is that school shootings are becoming an all-too-common occurrence in schools. Some schools have responded by providing on-campus police or other resource officers as a protective measure. That can lead to even more exposures for schools, when, for example, a resource officer reacts with unwarranted force, causing injury. As a result, many insurers are now creating coverages for law enforcement.

Active shooters

Active shooter/workplace violence policies offer additional coverage above and beyond law enforcement that is becoming increasingly popular. It includes coverage for Public Relations, and can include funds for tearing down and rebuilding a classroom where a shooting incident occurred. Many schools view this type of coverage as a necessity because of its low cost compared to the high value if it ever needs to be used.

Special education

If special education students are mistreated or are denied certain educational benefits, the school district can face a lawsuit. Schools that are already covered for allegations of discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination may need additional coverage to cover these events in case they involve a special education student.

Sexual misconduct

This is some of the highest-priced coverage, with some schools districts hit with $25-30 million dollar verdicts in the case of sexual molestation verdicts. In some states like California, it’s advisable to carry up to $50 million. This figure can vary state-to-state based on state laws regarding tort protections.

The best way to make sure your school or district is covered properly is to speak with an Ansay & Associates advisor. They’ll create a plan tailored to you and your school. Call us at 1-888-262-6729.

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