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Employee Benefits Planning Consulting Services Include:

Strategic Benefits Planning & Modeling

Get the full Ansay Way treatment with our comprehensive benefits consulting strategies.

Benefit Administration Systems

No two organizations are exactly the same. We help you create a plan that’s right for your organization.

Health Claims Analytics & Benchmarking

To prevent costs from rising too quickly, we provide tools to help manage expenditures.

Benefit Administration Systems

No two organizations are exactly the same. We help you create a plan that’s right for your organization.

24/7 HR Support

Access all your information, whenever it’s needed, anytime, anywhere.

Online Employer Portal

Full digital access. This is the perfect way for comprehensive plan details, all just a click away!

Ansay Wellness

Our proprietary health risk assessment program, biometrics, medical, and more.

On-Staff Benefits Compliance

Stay informed of the latest laws in health-care with our guidance, expertise and knowledge of changing regulations and changes.

Core Services Package

We Are Your Employee Experts

When you work with Ansay & Associates, you secure peace of mind that all your needs will be handled professionally and cost-efficiently. Our full suite of offerings includes:

Ansay Tips

The Benefits of a Wellness Program

We all know that leading a healthy lifestyle is important, but did you know that wellness programs can also have a positive impact on your bottom line? Ask an Ansay advisor about wellness programs today!

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Project Package

Ansay HR Connect

The Benefit Plan Administration and Online Web Enrollment Tool is an online human resource and benefit enrollment system. Our 'software as a service' approach couples industry-leading software with the back-office services required to provide clients with a 3:1 or better return on investment. It integrates employee benefits and human resource information into one system, reducing administrative burdens, reducing processing time and helps clients lower their benefit administration costs.

Ansay HR Connect Client Login

It provides employers with a system that can adapt to evolving business needs and changes in benefit plans. It's simple to use and reduces the employer time involved in communicating and administrating your Employee Benefit Programs. Employees can more easily understand and enroll for their benefits plans and have access to their information 24/7. Please contact your Employee Benefits Representative to sign up for this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Employee Benefit Planning Questions

What are the most common types of employee benefits?

The most common types of employee benefits are health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and workplace flexibility.

What are "fringe benefits"?

Fringe benefits are any type of employee benefit that is not directly related to the job or workplace. Common examples of fringe benefits include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, meal subsidization, and personal use of company property.

What is a voluntary benefit?

A voluntary benefit is any type of employee benefit that is not required by law. Voluntary benefits are typically offered by employers as a way to attract and retain employees. Common examples of voluntary benefits include health insurance, life insurance, and retirement plans.

What is an employee benefit plan?

An employee benefit plan is a set of rules that govern the way an employer provides benefits to its employees. Benefit plans are typically created by the employer and define the eligibility requirements, covered benefits, and terms of coverage.

How can I find out more about Ansay & Associates' employee benefits tools and services?

For more information about our employee benefits tools and services, please contact us today.

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