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How are workers compensation premiums calculated?

Worker's Compensation premiums are determined by multiplying a state set manual rate by the amount of estimated payroll (measured in $100 increments), times your individual experience rating modification.

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What is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance is protection for an employee and employer in the event of a workplace or work-related accident. This coverage can include payment for medical bills, disability benefits, and wage replacement.

What is the Workers' Compensation Insurance process?

The claim process starts with filing a report identifying the work-related injury or illness, then contacting your insurance provider and the state’s workers’ comp board and OSHA. If there is a disputed claim, an employee will be required to demonstrate that the injury is work-related.

Can an employer cancel Health Insurance while on Workers' Compensation?

No punitive actions can be taken against an employee with a filed workers’ compensation claim, so coverage cannot be canceled in response to a claim, but there is no general protection for health coverage, and it could be allowed to lapse in some circumstances. Additional filings, such as Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) may be required to provide extra layers of protection.