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Safety belt use remains one of the cheapest, easiest, and most important means to protect commercial motor vehicle drivers, like long-haul truckers

Safety belts can also help prevent serious damage and injury to others, because buckled drivers are better able control their vehicles in emergencies. Wearing a belt is required by law: “...a CMV which has a seat belt assembly installed at the driver’s seat shall not be driven unless the driver has properly restrained himself/herself with the seat belt assembly.”

While overall usage has improved to 86% according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association, usage depends on geography, traffic, and speed. The usage rate for drivers and other occupants in the West, Midwest, and South were 87% compared to the Northeast at 71%. Additionally, usage is higher on expressways (89%) than surface streets, where it dips to 83%. Safety belt usage peaks in heavy traffic (86%) and levels off in lighter traffic (83%).

With those facts stated, it’s imperative truck drivers always wear their belts. Here’s why:

1.) Wear your belt for safety and to avoid a costly fine. Wearing your safety belt is the law, and violations are subject to monetary fines.

2.) Wear your belt to avoid being ejected in case of a crash. Many believe it's better to be thrown clear of the wreckage in the event of a crash, but this could not be further from the truth. The fact is an occupant is four times as likely to be fatally injured when thrown from the vehicle.

3.) Wear your belt to protect yourself from other drivers. While good drivers do not usually cause accidents, it is possible that during your driving career you will be involved in a crash caused by a bad driver, bad weather, mechanical failure, or tire blowout. Wearing a safety belt prevents injuries and fatalities by preventing ejection and by protecting your head and spinal cord.

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