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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Are you covered?

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! You may be wondering why this particular type of insurance necessitates its own month. That’s because despite it being extremely important to securing the futures of many families, most people don’t wish to spend much time considering this type of insurance. The idea of your loved ones carrying on after you’re gone can be difficult to contemplate. However, that’s why securing good life insurance is so important. This insurance is protection to make sure the people you love are financially secure after you’re gone. Life insurance also has other additional benefits: 

  •          It can be used to pay off debts and final expenses
  •          It can be used to replace income
  •          It allows your loved ones to be financially secured

As families grow, jobs change, and other life changes happen, life insurance policies need to grow and change along with you. They should be regularly reviewed for by one of our experienced Ansay & Associates insurance advisors. And if you need to purchase life insurance or update your current policy, we’re here for you. We offer both term life and permanent life insurance products, using respected and trusted carriers like Cincinnati Life, Grange Life, EMC Life, & Auto Owners Life.

Please contact Ansay & Associates today for your no-obligation life insurance coverage review. Together, we will ensure your family’s financial security and peace of mind. 

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