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The #InThisTogether movement is more than just a hashtag. Major auto insurance companies are now doing their part to support Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic by returning insurance premiums.

In recent days, consumer-advocacy groups have urged insurance regulators to provide relief. It’s only fair, they reason, because, with increased unemployment and “Safer At Home” orders throughout the country, fewer people are getting behind the wheel. Fewer people on the roads mean fewer accidents.

Locally, West Bend Mutual plans to send a one-time payment of $50 to its Home and Highway policyholders. West Bend Mutual is currently consulting with regulators to determine how quickly they can get payments to their policyholders.

Nationally, some insurance providers have declared they will refund a percentage of premium payments over the next two months. Others have promised specific dollar amounts, like refunding individuals $50 or families $100 through April and May.

Many more providers are expected to follow suit, as early as this week. Stay in touch with your current provider for updates.

Also, make sure to check or for all the latest updates regarding insurance and the coronavirus.

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