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New innovations have come to Ansay & Associates’ revolutionary new digital agency platform. Ansay & Associates had become the first agency to adopt the Internet of Insurance, based on a platform created by DAIS. Now, the new V3 IOI takes the technology to a new level. Feedback from Underwriter Innovation Council contributed to V3 upgrades.

Advancements include numerous underwriting improvements as well as a dashboard with better submission status and navigation capabilities. The updated version also includes significant benefits to underwriters side, allowing submissions to be managed more efficiently, the ability to send email quotes, and new data to more accurately predict conversion rate. All of those advancements have taken effect immediately.

Since launching the Internet of Insurance earlier this year, Ansay & Associates has bolstered its reputation as a leader in technological innovation. More game-changing innovations are planned to improve the platform going forward. Stay tuned to the Ansay blog for more exciting news, information, and updates!

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