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With Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett getting nominated to be the next U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, the small European country (population 600,000) surrounded by Germany, France, and Belgium has been in the news a lot lately. What you may not know is that Ansay & Associates has several ties to Luxembourg as well.

Ansay & Associates CEO & Chairman Mike Ansay is the Honorary Consul to Luxembourg, in addition to being a dual citizen. Mike also co-owns Ansay International with his daughter, Kate. Ansay International imports Bofferding beer, Domaines Vinsmoselle wine, and Ramborn cider from Luxembourg.

“Luxembourg is a unique country,” Mike Ansay told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in a recent article. “Its beauty and its magic is that it’s small and it’s strategic.” Luxembourg is known for strengths in its cybersecurity, satellites, banking, finance, and re-insurance industries. Major American corporations like Amazon and Microsoft also have their European headquarters in Luxembourg.

Mike recently appeared on the CBS 58 news to explain more about the country. That segment included several interesting facts, like the steel on the roof of the Milwaukee Brewers stadium comes from Luxembourg.

Many in the Port Washington area or in Southeastern Wisconsin have ties to the country. That’s because the largest number of Luxembourg immigrants moved to Wisconsin during the World War II era. Many became farmers or worked in business.

Due to that heritage, the Luxembourg American Cultural Society has its historical museum in Belgium, Wisconsin. An annual “Luxembourg Fest” is held each August that includes traditional music, food, and beverages.  

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