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During a study on gamification, Harvard Business Review mentions Ansay & Associates as one of the companies that used gamification benefits to increase productivity and combat work disengagement that was at an all-time high. 

Gamification is an approach that utilizes aspects found in games to make otherwise mundane tasks in the work setting more engaging. Aspects include rewards points, prizes, and badges. Other top companies like Uber and Southwest Airlines also use gamification benefits.

We developed the Wheel of Wow in 2021 to reward employees for their adaptability and excellent customer service during the pandemic. Each month, select employees that represent our core values with top performances for the month receive a chance to spin the wheel. Rewards include discounts for the Ansay shop and other special treats.

Since we implemented these rewards, our company has seen an increase in employee engagement. Benefits like these are why our company continues to be a top locally-owned company to work for in Wisconsin.

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