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We’re excited to begin a new chapter of Ansay & Associates’ history in 2021. The year will mark the company’s 75th anniversary since my father, Adolph, founded Ansay & Associates in 1946. It’s remarkable to reflect on how much has changed – especially technology – since that time. It’s equally impressive to see how our company values, like respect for one another and putting the customer first, have remained steadfast. Indeed, despite the challenges of the pandemic in 2020, our fundamentals remain strong due to our exceptional people.

That brings me to our 2021 theme: The Year of Acceleration. The key to longevity and success in business is not just an incredible technological innovation or a genius business plan (although it certainly helps!) It’s the act of slowly gaining momentum to eventually reach a breakthrough, like the turning of a flywheel. Our day-to-day hard work, customer care, and technological advancements all serve to keep us accelerating and moving our organization forward.

It’s true, the pandemic has created uncertain times. But we can take regular steps every day to increase stability. These include being consistent in our work and focusing on regular communication. We also need to retain our ability to pivot, to expect the unexpected, and find a new solution if what we thought was a solution turns out not to be one.

The key to our prosperous New Year will be continuing to accelerate and turn our flywheel. We’ll engage at a higher level, collaborate on different ideas and opportunities, and elevate people in our organization who continually look for the next solution. In turn, we will see increases in engagement and better outcomes. It will be a 75th anniversary year well worth celebrating.

With that, I wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. In some ways, 2020 helped us reset and realign our priorities. It made us realize how fragile life can be and made us extra grateful for what we have and what we’re doing. This holiday season, take time to reflect, have gratitude, thankfulness, and recognize the great opportunities we all have when we have our health and families.

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. We can’t wait to see what opportunity 2021 brings.

Chairman of the Board & CEO

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