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Ansay & Associates is honored to be named among the Top 101 Best Wisconsin Companies and Startups. The list was announced Thursday morning by, a website designed to promote the best American companies, businesses and innovations.

For the 101 Best Wisconsin Companies and Startups list, companies were judged on categories including Innovation, Growth, Management, and Societal Impact. Ansay & Associates, which is celebrating its 75th Anniversary and serves over 12,000 businesses and 45,000 individuals, scored highly enough to ensure placement on the prestigious list.

“Ansay & Associates has always been committed to innovation and growth, with the end goal of providing best-in-class customer service,” said CEO and Chairman Mike Ansay. “Receiving honors such as these are a nice reminder that we are achieving our goals along the pathway to even greater success. We thank all of our employees and partners for making this recognition possible.”

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