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Todd Brett

Personal Insurance Advisor


Port Washington

101 E Grand Ave
Suite 11
Port Washington, WI 53074

Location Details

  • 2003

    Insurance Career Started

  • 2008

    Joined Ansay Team

  • 500+

    LinkedIn Connections

Todd Brett

10 Questions with Todd Brett

  1. What does the American Dream mean to you?
    Living a comfortable life; financial security; being able to take care of my family & friends
  2. What does the Ansay Way mean to you?
    The Ansay Way is a client-centered, relationship-based approach. I tailor my clients' insurance programs to their specific needs while educating my them about their insurance coverage.  My #1 goal is to build a long-term relationship with my clients and to be my clients' trusted advisor.
  3. In your personal experience, how does Ansay differentiate in the marketplace?
    In my opinion, the one thing that sets Ansay & Associates apart from the competition is the overall caliber of people that work at Ansay & Associates.  We are all skilled, high integrity people that are passionate about serving our clients. We are the best in the business at what we do.
  4. Why were you drawn to work at Ansay & Associates?
    Ansay & Associates has a very good reputation in the marketplace and I want to associate myself with a high-quality firm/brand. I like to work with good people and the insurance agents and service teams at Ansay & Associates are among the best in the business.
  5. Give us a view of the company – what is it like working at Ansay?
    Ansay & Associates is a fast-paced, high energy workplace where everybody works together as a team to take care of their clients. We all share a passion for taking care of our clients.
  6. Describe your approach to working with your clients.
    My primary goal is to become my clients' trusted insurance advisor. I do this by working hard on their behalf to educate my clients about their insurance needs and exposures and tailoring insurance programs to fit my clients' needs.
  7. What is one of your favorite client stories?
    I don't have one story that stands out.  The most gratifying part of my career is all of the clients/business contacts that followed me to Ansay & Associates 6 years ago when I re-built my book of business at Ansay & Associates.
  8. Do you have any area of specific focus in terms of industry or market?
    My focus is personal lines - Auto, Home, Umbrella, Recreational Vehicle, Boat, Investment Property Insurance & Life Insurance.
  9. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
    I like to take care of and help people. The desire to take care of my clients, to deliver on the promises/commitments that I have made to my clients and co-workers.
  10. What would your clients say about you?
    That they trust me. I am an honest person that works tirelessly on their behalf.
  11. Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?
    Anything worth having is worth working for.