We understand that cost is a key factor when choosing an insurance provider. In addition to providing competitive rates, we put a strong emphasis on making sure our clients are properly protected from financial loss and back it up with top notch service.

Is your Home properly covered?

Throughout the course of its lifetime, your house is exposed to the possibility of natural disasters, fires, vandalism and other forms of damage. Protecting your home and your personal belongings means giving you peace of mind that no matter what the future brings, you can stay on course.

At Ansay & Associates we start from the beginning and treat each person as the individual they are. With a Personal Risk Assessment, we can determine what type of coverage and just how much you need.  As an independent insurance agency we source your needs to our network of providers, ensuring you get multiple options to select from the best and most cost effective options to insure your home.

On The Road Coverage 

Each year there are over five and a half million accidents in the United States as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Having a properly insured vehicle means you are not only protecting your car, but yourself, your passengers and your pocketbook as well.  

Each of our licensed professionals brings a proactive approach and consultative style to each and every customer – we work for you. We provide thorough annual coverage reviews, and can shop your account when necessary with a host of leading national and regional carriers. 

When it matters most, we are there to make sure you are treated fairly and equitably at the time of any claim. 

Specialty Coverage

Ansay & Associates understands that your home and vehicle aren't the only things that are important to you. Everything that you own should be provided with the same protection, and we can help you do just that. 

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Start Guides

Have a specific question? Look through our start guide for frequently asked questions about personal insurance offered through Ansay & Associates. 

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Group Home & Auto Coverage

In additional to personal home and auto insurance, Ansay & Associates offers Group Home & Auto insurance programs for employers as a free and voluntary benefit to their employees. The purpose of the Group Home & Auto program is to:

  • Educate employees as to exposures and the coverage options available to protect them.
  • Demonstrate the employer’s concern for the employee’s well-being and personal protection.
  • Reduce the likelihood that employees would need to come to the employer in the event of financial loss. Ansay & Associates’ Group Home & Auto programs are easy to implement. We take care of the details to keep the program running smoothly, including all presentation materials and enrollment paperwork.

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Experience the Ansay Way

The Ansay Approach™ is relationship-driven and solutions-oriented and is driven by the individual needs and risk management for each customer, personal and/or business. The Ansay Approach™ is a proven, four-step, strategic process:

Our Goal for Each and Every Client:

  1. Identify and understand our client's needs and exposures
  2. Develop and offer strategies to address the needs, exposures and issues identified.
  3. Design and implement tailored programs to meet our client's needs
  4. Monitor the programs and make proactive changes as needed