Ansay Wellness is focused on consolidating many data points including health risk assessments, biometrics, medical and Rx claim data, as well as, subjective coaching information to develop a real time predictive risk and cost analysis allowing you to tailor wellness programming, plan design and incentives. 

Our program: 

Analyze: We look at your current health risk assessments, and do risk profiling, predictive modeling, plan performance reviews and other health plan metrics to help find a unique program that will reduce expenses and improve the overall wellness of your employees.

Learn: Through biometric testing, online health risk assessments we provide assessments and testing to give you and your employees access to the tools and data to help maintain healthy lifestyles. 

Engage: Our health management programs are designed to target and engage employees at the earliest possible moment. Providing them with the support and direction before costly behaviors occur. We deliver proactive impactful member outreach and advocacy. 


Technology Solutions

We are committed to utilizing technology to provide greater efficiency, better insight, and higher quality services. It's just one more way we bring value beyond our insurance and benefit products.

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Start Guide

Have a specific question? Look through our start guide for frequently asked questions about employee benefits and business insurance offered through Ansay & Associates. 

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Voluntary & Other Benefits

We strive to meet your needs through strategic planning, professional services and technology-based solutions for your unique employee benefits plan. 

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Experience the Ansay Way

The Ansay Approach™ is relationship-driven and solutions-oriented and is driven by the individual needs and risk management for each customer, personal and/or business. The Ansay Approach™ is a proven, four-step, strategic process:

Our Goal for Each and Every Client:

  1. Identify and understand our client's needs and exposures
  2. Develop and offer strategies to address the needs, exposures and issues identified.
  3. Design and implement tailored programs to meet our client's needs
  4. Monitor the programs and make proactive changes as needed