Whether you need a part-time safety director or someone to implement and facilitate a particular project, we offer options that fit your needs and your budget. 

Controlling insurance costs involves more than just shopping your coverages. Ansay & Associates is committed to bringing you innovative solutions to help you control your insurance costs. Through our safety & loss control services we can help your business establish and maintain a record of safety that will earn lower premiums and improve your overall bottom line. 

Saving You Money

We can help you save money by: 

  • Assisting you in the design and implementation of a comprehensive safety program to minimize or prevent claims before they happen. 
  • Negotiate better pricing and coverage points with insurance carriers by articulating the details of your proactive safety program. 
  • Reduces the 'soft costs' of accidents such as lost production, re-hiring and re-training costs. 

Ansay has the knowledge, experience and advanced systems support you need to improve your safety...The Ansay Way! 


Risk Management

An effective insurance and risk management program involves more than just reactive service and marketing of insurance coverage. Our safety specialists play an important role in Developing Strategies and Implementing Programs to minimize your risk and control your current and future insurance costs.

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Technology Solutions

Ansay & Associates strives to bring our clients innovative solutions to help your business succeed. We are committed to utilizing technology to provide greater efficiency, better insight, and higher quality services. It's just one more way we bring value beyond the insurance product.

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Start Guides

Have a specific question? Look through our start guide for frequently asked questions about commercial insurance offered through Ansay & Associates.

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Experience the Ansay Way

The Ansay Approach™ is relationship-driven and solutions-oriented and is driven by the individual needs and risk management for each customer, personal and/or business. The Ansay Approach™ is a proven, four-step, strategic process:

Our Goal for Each and Every Client:

  1. Identify and understand our client's needs and exposures
  2. Develop and offer strategies to address the needs, exposures and issues identified.
  3. Design and implement tailored programs to meet our client's needs
  4. Monitor the programs and make proactive changes as needed