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We can tell you all the ways that Ansay & Associates helps our clients but sometimes, it's best to hear it from them directly. We value feedback on our performance and want to share some of our favorite client stories with you. 

Ansay & Associates

Guide to Healthcare Open Enrollment

Your guide to healthcare open enrollment.

The Ansay Way

Insurance Is Awesome!

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Ansay Express: Personal Lines

Did you know that Ansay & Associates has a 24/7, 365 portal for you? Watch this video to take a look at what AnsayExpress can do for you. If you want AnsayExpress contact your Personal Lines Advisor today!

Ansay Express for Business

Ansay Express for Businesses

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorists

At Ansay & Associates, we want to make sure that you are knowledgeable about your Individual Insurance policy/coverage. Please watch this video on UIM/UM coverage to make sure that you are properly covered.

Why is Replacement Cost Important?

Why Does Your Business Need Cyber Liability?

Watch this video to see if your company should have Cyber Liability apart of your Business Insurance Policy. Let an Ansay Advisor know if you want to hear or learn more.

Do You Need EPLI Coverage?

Do You Need EPLI Coverage?

What Is An Umbrella Policy?

Do you think that it is possible to get sued for a million dollars? The answer is "Yes"! At Ansay & Associates, we want to make sure that you are knowledgeable about your Individual Insurance policy and that you are correctly covered. Watch this video to see if you need an Umbrella Policy.

Voluntary Benefits

Ansay MedPro

Directors & Officers Coverage

Directors & Officers Coverage

Ansay RiskPro

The Ansay Risk Management Center is a web-based software suite that allows you to reduce risk and enable employee safety by creating effective risk mitigation programs. It's easy to access and use, while providing a cost-effective safety center for your entire organization across all departments and locations.

Ansay Education NichePro

As a new school year begins, here is how Ansay & Associates is helping the safety and success of school districts across the Midwest!

Ansay & Associates - Suzy's Cream Cheesecakes

Ansay & Associates - Jackson Concrete

Ansay & Associates - Team LaVallee

Meet Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson - Strategic Risk Manager

Meet Mike Ansay

Mike Ansay -Chairman/Chief Executive Officer

Meet Todd Brett

Todd Brett - Personal Insurance Advisor

Meet Peter Clemency

Peter Clemency - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Brion Demski

Brion Demski - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Jack Demski

Jack Demski - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Rich Demski

Rich Demski - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Sheila Fenolio

Sheila Fenolio - Operations Manager & Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Kevin Gall

Kevin Gall - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Jordan Gross

Jordan Gross - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Jason Hogue

Jason Hogue - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Michelle Holloway

Michelle Holloway - Personal Insurance Advisor

Meet Judy Jacobs

Judy Jacobs - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Steve Kleber

Steve Kleber - Employee Benefits Consultant

Meet Chad Koehler

Chad Koehler - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Corina Kretschmer

Corina Kretschmer - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Todd Kriese

Todd Kriese - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Paul Laufenberg

Paul Laufenberg - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Tony Matera

Tony Matera - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Emily McCutcheon

Emily McCutcheon - Commercial Operations Manager

Meet Eric Meinen

Eric Meinen - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Barb Schroeder

Barb Schroeder - Employee Benefits Consultant

Meet Adam Multhauf

Adam Multhauf - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Lisa Neumann

Lisa Neumann - Employee Benefits Consultant

Meet Alan Neva

Alan Neva - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Heidi Nienow

Heidi Nienow - Executive Vice President, Madison Region

Meet Tim Patterson

Tim Patterson - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Adam Peck

Adam Peck - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Nate Priestaf

Nate Priestaf - Compliance Attorney

Meet Tom Ross

Tom Ross - Employee Benefits Consultant

Meet Michael Somerhalder

Michael Somerhalder - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Meet Pete Valiska

Pete Valiska - Executive Vice President, Mosinee Region

Meet Dave VandenOever

Dave VandenOever - Commercial Insurance Advisor

Junkyard and Salvage Yard Insurance Coverage

What you need to know about properly insuring a junkyard or salvage yard when everything around seems like a potential liability.

Assisted Living Commercial Insurance

As risk management professionals, we know that navigating through the assisted living community can be uncertain, let us help you!

Preventive Care Costs

We have the answers to the common questions most people want to know about preventive care.

Internship Summer 2019 - Ansay & Associates

Meet our newest class of summer interns and hear what the Ansay Way is doing for them!

Suzy's Cheesecakes

Watch and see how Suzy from Suzy's Cheesecakes is living the American Dream with Ansay & Associates

Jackson Concrete

Watch and see how BJ from Jackson Concrete is living the American Dream with Ansay & Associates

Team Lavallee

Watch and see how Levi from Team LaVallee is living the American Dream with Ansay & Associates

Insurance Is Awesome!

What are you waiting for? Start a career in insurance with Ansay & Associates today!


Experience the Ansay Way

The Ansay Approach™ is relationship-driven and solutions-oriented and is driven by the individual needs and risk management for each customer, personal and/or business. The Ansay Approach™ is a proven, four-step, strategic process:

Our Goal for Each and Every Client:

  1. Identify and understand our client's needs and exposures
  2. Develop and offer strategies to address the needs, exposures and issues identified.
  3. Design and implement tailored programs to meet our client's needs
  4. Monitor the programs and make proactive changes as needed