With road fatalities increasing, states get funds for Speed Cameras

With road fatalities increasing, states get funds for Speed Cameras

Speeders watch out, you may get fined without an officer present sometime in the near future. Speed cameras may be on the way soon thanks to President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill passed by Congress.

The federal government issued new guidance last week, allowing states to access billions of federal dollars for roadway safety programs as well as automated traffic enforcement, like Speed Cameras.

This is a direct response to the record increases in road fatalities that the U.S. has seen in recent years – even with fewer cars on the road during the pandemic. More than 25% of crashes are a directly result of high speeds, according to the government’s figures.

According to the Federal Highway Administration’s Stephanie Pollak: “States now have more flexibility and funding to make highway safety improvements. Automated speed enforcement, if deployed equitably and appropriately, can provide significant safety benefits and saves lives.” The department stated that speed cameras can reduce the number injuries by 50%.

Colloquially known as “speed traps,” the automated traffic enforcement machines have raked in millions of dollars for local communities who have employed them, although public backlash usually follows in such cases. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates only about 160 communities use the cameras, which are illegal in eight states.

While they’re not illegal in Wisconsin, the state currently does not use any of the cameras. That may change with billions of dollars in funds now available.

Please continue to drive safely for road conditions, follow the speed limit, and make sure you are properly insured for any accidents. Visit www.ansay.com for more information.