July 2021

Ansay & Associates raises over $1,000 at golf outing to help family in need

Ansay & Associates raises over $1,000 at golf outing to help family in need As part of the Eau Claire Region Annual Golf Outing, a family in need is selected that we can help in a small way. The contest is called “Yellow Ball,” where each of the 15 teams buy a yellow ball for $20. At the end of the golf round, those who still have a yellow ball place the ball in a drawing to split the pot 50/50 with the family selected. The goal was to raise $150 to help the family of Graysen, a child born with spina bifida. Jesse Lofgren’s team won - and immediately donated their winnings back to the family. So many others showed their concern and caring of Graysen by adding to the donation amount. Our team of Producers, Account Managers, Insurance Advisors, Underwriters, Marketing Representatives, and Management Representatives banded together and all felt the need to help this amazing family.

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Ansay Webinar, You're Invited to Join!

As we enter the second half of the year, President Biden continues his push for a comprehensive infrastructure package that will have major impacts on businesses and their employee benefits offering. Please join James Slotnick, Head of US Government Relations for Sun Life, as he discusses what issues Congress is focused on and their impacts on the employee benefits industry. In the presentation James will discuss:

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Customer Experience Tour 2021

Ansay & Associates was pleased to celebrate its annual Customer Experience Tour the week of June 28. This week is always one filled with excitement and festivity for both Ansay & Associates employees and their customers.

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