The Box - Thursday

We started off today with the casualty department. We were given a brief breakdown of the different specialties within the unit and then we spent more one on one time with specific underwriters. One underwriter showed us some of their clients which include the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.

We met with the political and credit risk underwriters and learned how they specialize in trade receivable coverages between corporation and government/state owned entities. We sat in the box again and were able to see more interaction between the underwriter and brokers. It was a very busy morning.

After lunch we met with the Marine team and met a cargo underwriter and marine hull underwriter in the box. It was a busy afternoon as well, there was a renewal on a fleet that runs the Great Lakes, and a few new business opportunities. One of them was for an armed securities transport.

It was a fun day and we enjoyed learning about the different things they look for with submissions. Something very evident is the underwriters have a lot of knowledge on world events. Their business is international and they need to know current events or anything that might impact their accounts or where they write business.

At Chaucer it’s very clear everyone has a passion for what they do and they genuinely enjoy their work. It's been incredible to see the hub of energy at Lloyd’s and it’s all centered around insurance. It's truly a great industry with so much opportunity. Tomorrow is Friday already and we'll be saying our goodbyes, our time here is going way too fast.


Adam, Emily & Cale

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