Our Last Day - Friday

We started the day off with a young professionals work shop. Senior team members were invited in to discuss their careers and give advice. All three speakers were very open and challenged the room to be proactive with their own work and education. They discussed the importance of treating people well, as you never know where you might end up and how the dynamics might change. 

We then had a networking session with the team members and met different underwriters from other areas we weren’t able to meet during the week. We met with the Aviation team and sat with Matt Smith, who participated in the exchange two years ago. He discussed the different sections of the Aviation department and what they can and can’t write. It was quite surprising to each of us that their coverages are so broad or inclusive in comparison to many of the policies we see. 

After lunch, we sat at the box with the Aviation team and they talked is through new business submissions, what they look for, how they calculate rates and deductibles. Adam and I looked at an account with helicopters in Mexico and Cale listened in on renewal concerns with an account in Libya. Again, as they’ve done all week, the underwriters have been so engaging with us and have taken the time to explain the accounts, what they are doing and why they are doing it. It’s quite commendable on Chaucer’s behalf that there is a strong sense of knowing who they are within the market place and only writing sensible business. 

It’s been quite the remarkable experience and one we won’t soon forget. Our time here in London has come to an end, but the knowledge we've gained will continue for a lifetime.

Until we meet again,

Emily, Adam & Cale.

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