Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agency?

Why choose an independent insurance agent?

Many consumers feel cutting out a "middle man" saves money but many insurance companies do not allow consumers to approach them directly which means the only way to access them is through an independent agent.  Having started my career as a captive agent choosing an independent agent is one of the most common sense decisions one can make especially when it comes to protecting and securing things you hold dear.

Some of the advantages independent agencies can provide are:

-Representing many insurance companies allows us to offer you choices/options whether it be insurance carrier or coverage wise.  In scenarios where a insurance carrier is non renewing we are well equipped to help provide a solution.  Since we work for you, versus being bound by a parent company, we align with your interests trying to find the best value based on coverage needed.  The classic saying of "One size fits all" definitely isn't the case as it sometimes requires use of multiple insurance carriers to provide the needed protection.  This can translate to time and cost savings as you don't have to approach multiple companies yourself.  It can also translate to peace of mind knowing that we can handle all of your insurance needs essentially one stop shopping.

-Being local we pride ourselves on personalized customer service, our reputation, our knowledge, understanding, community involvement and willingness to build long term relationships. 

-We are licensed experts with many specializing in a specific areas such as commercial, employee benefits, personal, life, etc. allowing us to provide the expertise one would expect versus someone knowing enough to be dangerous due to wearing multiple hats.


As a trusted advisor we offer strategies to help manage risk in which insurance becomes an indispensable tool to help protect our clients and their assets.  If you would like to find out how the right insurance can help you secure and protect your version of the American dream please visit our website at www.Ansay.com or stop by one of our many locations throughout the state.

Todd Kriese, CIC, LUTCF

Commercial Insurance Advisor

Appleton - Regional Office