Steps to Polish Your Safety Plan

You recently completed the company's safety plan. You're satisfied with its organization and thoroughness. Above all else, you're relieved you don't have to worry about working on a document so tedious ever again. After all, the local and experienced risk management consultant assured you of the plan's comprehensiveness. The safety plan is now tabbed and bound; time for its rightful place on the shelf, between the black and red binders. Two years later, the only change(s) the safety plan has seen is dust accumulation. Unfortunately, this narrative applies to too many Wisconsin businesses. What makes this reality even worse; workplace injuries and fatalities are predictable and preventable. One leading indicator is OSHA's ongoing partnership with employers, state and local governments, and various government agencies. During this partnership's 45 year plus mission for a safer workplace, daily work-related fatalities have fallen from 38 to 12. This statistical drop didn't happen on its own. OSHA has and continues to adjust its rules and regulations to meet the evolving workplace. Therefore, it stands to reason that the best way to reduce injury and death is by updating/implementing a safety plan designed specifically for your business.

While every safety plan should be tailored to their own business, there are a few key components that should be included:

  1. Commitment from management and employee involvement. An example, an employee and a management representative lead a safety meeting that's dedicated to a particular topic. Try having two to three a month.
  2. Hazard prevention and control
  3. Review of worksite; best accomplished by an outside expert familiar with your industry.
  4. Training opportunities for workers to learn the safety plan.

When was the last time you made changes to your company's safety plan? Preventing and reducing work-related injuries and fatalities is often achieved by simply being award of the hazards within one's company. Each hazard needs a proactive response that must be incorporated within the safety plan. Is your agent providing you the tools you need to improve your company's safety plan? Ansay & Associates values and supports their clients' commitment to workplace safety.

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Peter Clemency

Commercial Insurance Advisor

Port Washington Office