Safety Programs for Manufacturers

Formalized safety programs are fickle mistresses.  Business owners and managers can be consumed trying to find the balance between productivity, quality assurance, budget concerns and worker safety, not to mention trying to avoid an accident that draws the attention of OSHA.  Many never take the first steps toward protecting the employees simply due to their avoidance of making a misstep.

Beyond mandating safety glasses, proper footwear and throwing up a "10 Days Since Last Injury" sign is the much greater responsibility of building a culture of safety in the workplace.  Giving your employees the tools and training to work safely is a start.  The very best, however, empower the employee to identify and correct safety concerns.  This is at the heart of building a workforce that is engaged and invested in seeing your business thrive. 

Working with an Ansay Advisor gives you access to more than just quotes from a broad array of insurance companies.  Our Advisors provide structured risk management services allowing you to implement a safety program that fits your culture and budget.  As your business matures our team will offer proactive guidance and support to expand your safety program.  We will bring you new products and innovations, and we will position you with the infrastructure you need to maintain your growth plan.  We will do this without compromising the employees that helped build your business.

Ansay invests in these innovative products and we can offer many solutions to you for no additional cost.  Call us.  Our team is empowered to help you. 

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