Arrive to Your Destination Safely

With the year-end holiday season here, it means not only fun and exciting family gatherings but also traveling. 

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, during the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday period, the number of long-distance trips increases by 23%.The average long distance trip length is 275 miles over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday.

In order to ensure safe travels this holiday season, Ansay & Associates recommends a few tips to keep your family and others on the road safe.

    • Maintain/Winterize your car – make sure your oil has been changed, tire pressure checked and you have an emergency kit (shovel, flares, first-aid kit, blankets, etc.)
    • Know your route – print out directions or pack a map incase roads are closed or you lose cell service. Let family or friends know your travel route and expected time of arrival and also check traffic reports and driving conditions before heading out.
    • Expect delays – some travelers are driving on unfamiliar roads, there may be an unforeseen accident closing down lanes or a sudden snowfall could hinder your travel plans. Give yourself enough time by leaving early and preparing for delays. 
    • Take breaks as needed – drowsy driving can lead to deadly accidents. If you find yourself getting tired at the wheel, pull over or stop at a convenience store to take a break, get in a quick nap or grab some caffeine to wake you up.

Getting to where you need is important, but so is getting there safely.

So remember, plan ahead because taking a little time to follow the above tips can help to ensure that not just your family’s holiday season is merry and bright, but also the families of those on the road with you.

Adam Multhauf

Commercial Insurance Advisor

Port Washington - Corporate Headquarters