Ansay MedPro Telephonic Nurse Triage Service

Unique to Ansay & Associates, we are offering Ansay MedPro as a service to assist our clients and prospective clients when a work related injury occurs. Ansay MedPro is a telephonic nurse triage service. Triage is a real-time decision support for the injured employee and their supervisors. When an injury occurs, they call a specially trained RN who uses clinical algorithms and software to help assess the severity of the injury and determine the best course of action. For minor injuries, the RN guides the employee in self-care at the first aid level. For more serious injuries, the RN directs the employee to the appropriate level of care, and to medical providers the employer has a relationship with. Even if employees are mobile and away from their main location, we can assist them in finding a medical provider near their current location. Our goal is to help the employee make the best decision about the care for their injury. This is a pre-claim activity available 24/7. Language translation is available as needed. With a couple of insurance company exceptions, we can even notify the insurance company that an injury occurred and that medical attention was needed. This provides prompt company notice and saves time for those responsible for those reporting duties.

Why Ansay MedPro?

  • History of sustained positive results for our clients
  • Industry leader for telephonic nurse triage service
  • Records the entire triage phone conversation - available for clarity and defense
  • Secure, HIPPA compliant systems
  • Service Portability - compatible with all insurance companies and/or TPAs

Eric Meinen, CIC

Commercial Insurance Advisor

Port Washington - Corporate Headquarters