Do You Have the Right Resources and People to Help You Grow?

Strategic planning, integration, innovation... three common terms we hear in mission and vision statements. In essence, organizations that use these buzz words are proclaiming that they, "deliberately surrounding and connect their partners with people and resources that will help them improve and be successful." Are the relationships you have trustworthy, insightful and supportive enough to protect you and help you grow?

On a personal level, do you have family and friends you can count on? Are you resilient? Do you have the right people, the right job, and the appropriate community resources to help you through the tough times and make you a better person? Maybe your church provides relationships and support..... Perhaps you have high school friends that you connect with to discuss life's journey.... Maybe you're involvement with a nonprofit organization that help you grow, while helping others... Ideally, your job or career allows you the opportunity to grow and advance. In all likelihood, it's a combination of people and resources you can trust.

In terms of your business or organization, the concept is the same. To run a successful business or organization, you need to surround yourself with knowledgeable, trustworthy experts who can provide proactive solutions and resources to help you grow and be successful. Your mentor circle of influence needs to include those you can count on. You should be able to trust your accountant to properly monitor funds, transactions and offer fiscally sound advice. Similarly, your insurance consultants need to be experts in their field and provide proactive solutions to protect your business. For example, at Ansay & Associates, LLC., members of the employee benefit advisory team have access to software to run your medical and prescription coverage data through a myriad of analytics to uncover high cost claims and conditions, allowing them to design programs and solutions that can result in a positive impact. The key is to find the right advisor -- The right consultant -- The one you can trust and connect with to provide strategic, creative solutions.


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