July 2015

Summer Activities

We at Ansay & Associates want to make sure you have fun and SAFE summer this year. There are a lot of different activities and events that are planned. Many are held outdoors in the warm sun. Did you know that the UV rays are the strongest during the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.? Yes, this is whe

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Attitude is Everything for Driver Inspections

The average amount of downtime for a truck place out of service in a roadside inspection is 8.5 hours. When you are trying to make a profit off of trucking, that is no small change. As we move forward the DOT sticker, License plate scanners, and roadside-mounted infrared cameras that can inspect the

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Summer Vehicle Tip Sheet

 Summer Vehicle Tip Sheet When summer hits, everyone is looking to get outside. Whether it is on the water, road, or trails, many of us have summer vehicles to enhance the enjoyment of the great new weather. We’ve put together a quick piece on how you can stay safe while you enjoy the summer with ve

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