Developing a Contractors "Return to Work Program"


Any business owner has felt helpless at some point or another about their work comp policy.  Most that I talk to say, "when it comes to work comp, there is nothing we can do."  This statement is far from the truth.  One of the easiest and fastest way to reduce claims cost is to have a written "return to work" program. 


When a work place injury occurs, the first thing a business owner should be thinking is, "how can I get my employee back to work as fast as possible?"  Returning an injured work to their normal business routing will most likely keep the claim to "medical bills" only and will have a 70% reduction in payout. 


The easiest way to get an employee back to work is to have a written return to work program.  The program should include these following items:


1. Light Duty Notice to Healthcare Provider. ( this lets the doctors know that you want your employee back to work asap)

2. Accommodations Evaluation From. (this form lists all of the different types of light duty jobs that would be available)

3. Volunteer Form. ( this is a document listing local business that would allow you to volunteer hours of work if you have no light duty work for an employee to perform)

Michael Somerhalder

Commercial Insurance Advisor

Port Washington - Corporate Headquarters