It Takes a Little Prep, But Your Health and Safety are Worth It!

The holidays are fast approaching, and in addition to the fun with friends and family, overindulgence is often part of the season. To help you prepare yourself, and spare yourself undue stress, utilize some of these holiday hints:

1. Pace yourself! Don't overcommit and burn the candle at both ends.  Rest is a necessity. Remember, a main part of the holidays is taking time to appreciate and enjoy our relationships. Relaxing with loved ones is good for your health.

2. Plan ahead. This tip has many components:

  • Before you travel - Make sure your prescriptions are filled. Make sure the maintenance on your car is up to par (oil changed, tires properly inflated, first aid and cold weather kit packed....)
  • Before out to a party - Prepare a healthy dish to pass. Eat healthy throughout the day and avoid starving yourself. Having a plan of attack before you go will reduce your stress later because you will be less likely to overdo it. Research shared by Weight Watchers states that people gain 7-10 pounds over the holidays. A little preparation can go a long way over the winter months.
  • Exercise - Walk and talk with a sister/friend/spouse rather than sit around the table. Park farther away at the mall. Take the stairs. Enjoy an outdoor activity (skiing, sledding, snowshoeing...) Making a simple plan ahead of time can make holiday and winter experience more enjoyable and less stressful.
  • Designate a driver - Prepare to have safe driver and avoid last minute decisions.

3. Carefully prepare foods. So much of our holiday fun involves food. Be sure to follow these easy safety tips from the FDA so you and your loved ones stay healthy: 3CS Clean-Cook-Chill-Separate

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