Prevent Falls at Work - Creating a Fall Prevention Program

Did you know any fall from a roof, ladder or scaffolding may inevitably involve serious injury or death? Business owners, managers and supervisors are critical to ensuring the success or failure of any workplace safety program. Promoting safety helps drive the behavior of the organization. Over time, safety will become top-of-mind and the number of accidents and injuries will decrease. Creating a Fall Preventions Program is the first step to a safer work environment.

The Key Elements of a Fall Prevention Program

  • Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Selecting Proper Equipment
  • Training
  • Emergency Preparedness

When employees are working from heights, especially when using ladders, scaffolding or when on a roof, employers must plan each project to ensure the work is done safely. Begin by determining how the job will be done, what tasks will be involved and what safety equipment maybe needed.

Next, train your employees on the fall hazards to which they are exposed, the risk of injury associates with the task, control measures needed and what actions to take if there is an incident. A written emergency response plan should be established and reviewed with each employee.

Effective Emergency Response Procedures May Require One or More of the Following:

  • Workers using safety harnesses should not work along
  • A person trained in rescue techniques is allocated to each site
  • Rescue equipment is readily available for use

Accidents in the workplace can happen at any moment. Taking the time to create a Fall Prevention Program will create a safer work environment and keep employees safe.

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