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Telephone: 608-828-0242

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10 Questions with Tim Draxler

What does the American Dream mean to you? 

Living in a free society that allows you to pursue your career and personal goal.        

What does the Ansay Way mean to you? 

Providing the most comprehensive insurance and risk management products and services for our valued clients and prospects.        

In your personal experience, how does Ansay differentiate in the marketplace? 

Broad representation of insurance carriers allows us to provide competitive products and services with a local hometown feel.        

Why were you drawn to work at Ansay & Associates?

Caring people dedicated to working hard on behalf of their clients and co-workers.        

Describe your approach to working with your clients.

Listen first and try to confirm how the situation relates to their current insurance or alternative solutions that may be available        

What is one of your favorite client stories? 

One of my long standing clients tells the story that when he went into business with his son; he called several agents when his current agent didn't handle business insurance. I was the only agent that was willing to come out and go over all the various coverages needed . Although a small account at the time; he has now grown to over $100,000 premium and he has stayed with me over 20 years (and he laughs that many of those same agents call him now looking for his business).        

Do you have any area of specific focus in terms of industry or market?

I have a fairly broad customer base in the Dane County market but do have several property mangers with various rental properties (commercial office/strip malls; apartments; condos); and many general and trade contractors.        

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I look forward to helping my clients through the maze of insurance related issues that come up during the day. I want them to think of me as their insurance consultant.        

What would your clients say about you? 

Tim is hard working; a good listener and communicator; a knowledgeable insurance consultant and detail-oriented.

Advisor Stats

  • 1986Insurance Career Started
  • 1996Joined Ansay Team
  • 137LinkedIn Connections