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Mosinee - Regional Office

888 State Highway 153
Suite 200
Mosinee WI, 54455

Telephone: 715-693-2100

24/7 Claims Reporting: 1-866-315-5103

What does the American Dream mean to you? 

Spending time with family, watching your children grow and become adults, which happens too fast! Eating together, making memories. Taking trips together.

What does the Ansay Way mean to you? 

Family oriented, helping you to strive to live your dreams, employee support, professionalism, caring, integrity

In your personal experience, how does Ansay differentiate in the marketplace? 

Professionalism, customer satisfaction

Why were you drawn to work at Ansay & Associates?

They are top notch with staying on top of the market, and our ever changing world of technology

Do you have any area of specific focus in terms of industry or market?


What gets you out of bed in the morning?



Believe that you have received it and it will be yours

Mark 11:24

Advisor Stats

  • 2012Insurance Career Started
  • 2021Joined Ansay Team
  • 500+ LinkedIn Connections