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Safety Programs for Manufacturers

Formalized safety programs are fickle mistresses.  Business owners and managers can be consumed trying to find the balance between productivity, quality assurance, budget concerns and worker safety, not to mention trying to avoid an accident that draws the attention of OSHA.  Many never take the fir

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Preparing for a Power Outage

If you pay attention to the weather forecasts, you pretty much know when a storm severe enough to knock your power out is on the way. With the worst of the summer storms behind us, it is actually time to think about the snowstorms that could be here within a few short months.When you are given enoug

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Importance of Near Miss Reporting

Oftentimes slips, trips, or “close calls” in the workplace are shrugged off with a casual “that was close”. But it is important when building and sustaining a workplace culture of safety that you treat a near workers compensation claim with the same attention and detail as a real claim.Communities w

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OSHA Ebook

A company that follows OSHA's regulations, standards and training can help keep the business place safer for employees as well as improving the overall financial health of the company. Since 1970, when the Occupational Safety and Health Act, or OSHA, was instituted, workplace fatalities have been re

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Components of an Effective Safety Committee

Whether you are trying to create or maintain your companies safety plan, establishing an effective safety committee can go a long way. The strength of your safety plan can be increased with an engaged and high-performing safety committee by improving your desired results.There isn't necessarily a ri

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Prevent Falls at Work - Creating a Fall Prevention Program

Did you know any fall from a roof, ladder or scaffolding may inevitably involve serious injury or death? Business owners, managers and supervisors are critical to ensuring the success or failure of any workplace safety program. Promoting safety helps drive the behavior of the organization. Over time

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Winter Safety - Preventing Slips and Falls

This winter has been brutally cold with a constant threat of snow and ice almost every other day it feels like. This time of year it is no surprise that the insurance world sees a sever spike in claims revolving around the slip and fall on ice by both employees and customers visiting your location.P

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